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Weinerei Forum

Bar à vin

Drinking beers is a real tradition in Berlin but if you want to break with it just for one night, here is a place for you. The Weinerei Forum is a great bar to chill after a long workday for those of you who are wine lovers.

The idea is as simple as original : on the bar stands a large range of wine bottles coming from all over Europe. There is something for every taste: rosé, white or red wine. When you get in, the barman provides you an empty glass and you are free to serve your drink with the bottle of your choice and to come back to fill it again as many times as you want.


The originality of the concept comes at the end of the experience. No price is explicitly given to you. When you leave the bar, the waiter only asks you to pay “a reasonable amount of money” for the wine that you drank.


The bar is very popular and close at around 1 am. It is worth to come before 9 pm if you want to be sure to find a table to sit down at but people usually share theirs with other groups.The Weinerei Forum is therefore the place to be if you want to meet new people and enjoy a glass of wine in a very convivial atmosphere.


Tips : It is possible to book a table online between 20h and 20h30 for groups starting from 6 people.

Fehbelliner Str. 57

10119 Berlin


Subway :


Everyday : 10 AM - 1 AM

Prices : 

Entrance 2€ and 2-2,50€ for a glass of wine

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