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The Pub


Since you moved to Berlin, your beer consumption might have increased quite a lot, thanks to the friendly prices and the tremendous choice of beers and bars in the German capital. But why not add a little spin to your beer-drinking-night? The Pub is a unique bar where you can tap your beer at your own table! This allows you to pour the exact amount of beer that you want, so it will satisfy just as well small and big drinkers!

You can follow up the number of liters poured by every cheerful beer drinker, so let’s the drinking contest begin?


The atmosphere is really upbeat and cosy, the tables are large and very convenient for a big group of friends, and the burgers are also on point!


The only small damper is that you can only pour Berliner Pilsener Beer and that the price is a bit more expensive than what you could expect for a beer in Berlin (4.10€ for 0.5l). A lot of other beers and drinks are thus being served.


Tips: the place is unique in Berlin and therefore quite often crowded so you have the possibility to book your table online if you attend to go there with a big group of your friends:

Rochstraße 14,

10178 Berlin

Subway :

Berlin Alexanderplatz Bahnhof



Sunday to Thursday : 6PM - 1AM

Friday and Saturday : 6PM - 4AM

Prices :

Beer : 8.20€/L

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