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Scheers Schnitzel

 Casual-Food Restaurant

You are a schnitzel lover? Or you haven’t tasted schnitzels yet?


We found an amazing place where you can eat delicious schnitzels for almost nothing! SCHEERS SCHNITZEL is a kind of fast-food restaurant situated under the beautiful Oberbaum bridge, near the East Side Gallery. The decoration is eclectic but still original as each customer can leave a little message or drawing on the wall.


For €5.50 you can ask for a classic schnitzel (“schni po sa”): one schnitzel served with fries and a salad. It is simple, tasty, (healthy?) and a very German dish. Of course, there are so many other ways to taste schnitzels that are proposed in this restaurant (schnitzelbrötchen, chili-cheese schnitzel, wiener schnitzel,...), so once you tasted it you will want to comeback to try them all!


What’s more you can have all the sauces you like for free to delight your taste buds...

Warschauer Platz 18,

10245 Berlin

Subway :

Berlin Warschauer Straße station


Sunday - Thursday : 11:30 AM - 10PM

Friday and Saturday : 11:30 AM - 12PM

Prices :

Classic : €5,50

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