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« There are two kinds of people: those who like tortilla, and those who don’t know a single fuck about life »


Pez Tortilla’s moto may seem a little extreme at first. If you think so, wait for your first bite of their truffle, brie and ham tortilla. The purpose of your presence on earth will instantly become clearer to you: sitting on a bar stool, drinking craft beer and enjoying a perfect homemade pincho de tortilla without spending more than 6€ in total is exactly what drove you to come to Madrid.

Was it only tortilla… at Pez you’ll also find very decent croquetas which flavor depends on the chef’s mood and can go from classic ham to mexican spicy veal.


One more reason to go: the legend says that waiters work naked from under the belt, hidden behind the bar. It’s worth checking.

“Hay dos tipos de personas en la vida, los que les gusta la tortilla de patata poco cuajada y los que no tienen ni puta idea de la vida.” Un tortillero

La Latina

Calle Cava Baja 42,




Calle del Pez 36,


From Monday to Wednesday: 18h - 2h

Thursday: 12h-2h

Friday and Saturday: 12h-2h30

Sunday: 12h-00h

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