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Looking for an original place, as well for a brunch as for the evening? Ojalá is the multipurpose place made for you !

Whether for a hangover day or for a gentle awakening, the brunch will satisfy you from 10am to 08pm (one of the only brunch which can be taken as a dinner !). You can choose between different formulas, including every time coffee or tea as well as a beverage such a delicious fresh orange juice.

For the savers, the basic formula at €9 offers a classic breakfast with toasts, boiled egg and salad. For the more spendthrift, Ojalá serves an array of brunch from 11 to 14 euros, all better than the others! Our favorite remains the « World mix », which is the perfect size and variety: corn bread, hummus, guacamole, poached egg, rocket salad, ricotta with parmesan and fruit salad to cap it all off ! Best is to settle down outside in terrace under the sun, but pay attention to arrive early enough (around 1pm) not to wait too long.

As we said, Ojalá is the ideal place for a brunch but also to have a drink between friends or in couple after dark. From 6pm, the restaurant opens its beach ! If the place is not the most cosy ever, it recalls very well the summer heat. You can take place on one of the cushions arranged on the sand and order whether a glass of wine, a beer, or a cocktail. Be careful, some nights the beach only opens from midnight, if the restaurant is full.

All in all, Ojalá is a key place of Madrid which is worth seeing !


Calle San Andrés

1 28004, Madrid


Opening hours:

Sunday to Wednesday : 10:00-01:00

Thursday : 10:00-01:30

Friday and Saturday : 10:00-02:00

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