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Mustafa's Gemuse Kebab


Everyone seems to know this place as gemuse kebabs are one of the many delicious Berlin specialities. It is normal, even I heard about Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebab before coming to Berlin for the first time. Thus I will not tell you how it is like to eat THE döner but I will share some advice so you can enjoy it:


1) The queue: it is not a myth, the reputation of Mustafa’s is not to do anymore, so you will always find some queue before eating the Holy Grail of kebab. However, let me give you some tips so you will not wait one hour and a half before eating. Avoid weekend, especially Saturdays after 12 and Sundays till 3pm. The best moment is to go there during the week, at a original hour (not typical lunch or dinner hours).


2) The package: Mustafa’s is a small shop, there is nowhere you can sit and eat your kebab. If you resist to the temptation to eat your kebab straight away, it is better to ask them to pack it in aluminum and not carry them in the subway station. First, it would be a shame to waste a single ingredient during the transportation, second, people could get jealous and try to eat your döner.


3) Take two of them: you will eat the first one so quickly (yes, it is really delicious) that you will not even enjoy it. This is why you can take your time eating the exquisite second one. Regarding how much time you spent in the queue, only one kebab could be frustrating, and we know you are a greedy one!

Mehringdamm 32

10961 Berlin

Subway :


Sunday to Thursday : 10 AM - 2 AM

Friday and Saturday : 10 AM - 5 AM

Prices : 

Around 4€


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