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When you arrive at the Mauerpark on a sunny Sunday, it's hard to imagine that, almost 70 years ago, it was crossed by the Berlin wall that separated the Prenzlauerberg neighborhood from that of Wedding. Certainly, you can still see pieces of the wall on one side, but on the other, you'll be amazed to see one of the most colorful parks in Berlin.


First, there is the flea market. From personal to professional booths, you will find anything you need: denim jackets, old school shoes, Levi's jeans... but also retro furniture or plants in glass bubbles ! Most sellers are really friendly, so do not hesitate to negotiate the prices if you’re feeling cheeky.


When your hands are super full - or your pockets empty - just go and walk in the park : so many activities are happening there ! Children are playing with giant bubbles, a karaoke is taking place in old arenas (you'll recognize the man by his rainbow umbrella), artists are singing or mixing...


What else can you need ?

Oh, yes ! Food is what you need. No worries, the Mauerpark is full of food stands of great quality. But if you want my advice, go and check the Gemüse Kebab located 5 minutes away. It is called K’ups and sells one of the best kebabs in Berlin : smoked chicken, grilled vegetables, fresh salad, feta cheese and a drop of lemon juice. Honestly, just as good as Mustafa's (I said “just as”).

Gleimstraße 55,

10437 Berlin

Flea Market : every Sunday

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