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Between the techno and the house that you listen to in bars and clubs of Berlin, you’re missing a little touch of classical music?


The Berliner Philharmonie offers exactly what you need!


Every Tuesday, at lunch time, it opens its doors to all for free and will allow you to enjoy a 45min-1hour concert in its main hall. The program changes every week and you can look at it beforehand online (link below). There are usually two to four musicians, who are students from various prestigious conservatories, on their way to be professionals and rehearsing competitive exams.


The concert starts at 1pm but it is advised to come around noon to be sure to be granted access.


You can sit wherever you want – the chairs are reserved for the elderly, who compose at least 50% of the audience, so know that your presence will allow the age average of the crowd to decrease! –, either on the stairs, on the floor or on the tables, and you’ll be able to grab some food there.


Tips: you might bring a book along or take a nap, as there is no better atmosphere to do so than a live concert of classical music, is it?


Infos & program:


Berliner Philharmonie

Herbert-von-Karajan-Str. 1,

10785 Berlin

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