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Madame Claude


Looking for strong sensations?


Madame Claude in Kreuzberg will definitely put you upside-down. What makes this bar original is - beside its delicious cocktails - its atypical decoration. There, everything is inverted: furniture is in the ceiling, diverting all laws of gravity!

Not only is the place unusual, it also has history. The bar used to be a brothel at the beginning of the century, which accounts for its cosy and intimate atmosphere. As for its name, it refers to « Madame Claude », a famous French procurer in the late sixties.


This valuable address is particularly useful during the winter, to find shelter in. On top of that, people are allowed to smoke inside so there is no need to go out in the Berliner cold.


Concerning the programming, this one is also as original as varied:

On Monday - Experimontag: Live music + DJ

On Tuesday - Campfire Sessions: Live music + DJ

On Wednesday - Music Quiz : Blind test

On Thursday - Jeudi Foster: Live music + DJ

On Friday - Freaky Friday: Live music + DJ

On Saturday - Habemus Samstag: Live music + DJ On Sunday: Open Mic L.J. FOX & Open stage


Tips: In the case you fall in love with that venue, Madame Claude managers have also launched a nice place dedicated to organize events: the « Marie Antoinette »!

Lübbener Str. 19 in Kreuzberg

Opening hours: Monday - Sunday: 7pm - 5am

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