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Burger Restaurant

Want to taste the BEST BURGERS in Berlin ? You may know the Watergate (nice night club that Italians seem to love) or even the East Side Gallery, but did you know that near these wonderful places delicious burgers are waiting for you ?


Actually there are two places : the first one is near Schlesisches Tor right, right beneath the metro tracks that bring you to the other side of the Spree. It looks like a little green kiosk with a few little tables around it. The only thing that can reveal the success of Burgermeister is the line in front of it (and the appetizing smell that surrounds it).


Moreover it is in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, a great neighborhood where you can discover famous street art locations for instance. What makes this place even more special is that it is located in an old public toilet, thus it will become you're favorite public toilet in town !


The second Burgermeister is only two stations away from the first place and you can seat inside (which is more confortable on a rainy day). Their chili cheese fries are really tasty ! The fact that this place closes at 3am makes it even more amazing : fall for a burger before entering the Wild Renate club and enjoy !


Tips : We’ve tasted the “Meisterburger” (layered with caramelised onions, bacon, BBQ sauce and mustard), since then it has been a real love story.

Oberbaumstraße 8,

10997 Berlin

Skalitzer Str. 136,

10999 Berlin

Everyday : 10 AM - 3 AM

Prices : 

Burger around 4,90€

Fries around 3€

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