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Botanischer Garten

Park, Greenhouse and Museum

Tired of walking in Tiergarten or Tempelhoferfeld ? Botanischer Garten is exactly where you need to go ! But you might wonder what is so special about Botanischer Garten...

First thing, it has a huge park in which you can contemplate an impressively wide range of trees and flowers. Walking there you thus travel to the American lakes as gazing at the orange leaves of Staghorn Sumac trees. A path after you will find yourself in Japan when coming across a Katsura Tree. And as you stroll, stay on the lookout : you could catch sight of squirrels hanging around.

You can then continue your trip around the world in a splendid and luxurious greenhouse. If you are fed up with the Berlin cold, you can jump there into the tropical atmosphere of an opulent jungle and walk across ferns and palm trees.


And in case this nice travel arouses your desire to improve your knowledge on botany, you can still have a look at the museum where you will find many explanations on the plant world.


So if you want to plunge into such a green and exotic atmosphere, don’t wait to get to this marvellous place !


Tips : Preferably go there on a sunny day during the fall to enjoy autumnal colours and scents in the garden. Or you can also wait for winter as Christmas decorations will ornament the nature. 

Königin-Luise-Straße 6-8,

14195 Berlin

Underground : 


Everyday : 9 AM - 8 PM

Prices : 

Garden and Greenhouse : 3€ for students.

Museum : 2,50€ for students.

Annual Pass : 20€ for students.

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